Greenhead Lodge

Call us or send us a message for questions or help with booking. We look forward to planning your hunt!

(870) 476-9415 Zac Sutton

(870) 240-4827 Rocky Sutton

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The spacious lodge sleeps up to 12. Larger groups are split up to maximize your time on the hunt.

Yes! We love sharing the love of hunting through younger generations.

Yes! Please bring a kennel or let us know if you need one.

Warm clothes, preferably camo, but if you’re without camo wear something dark. Bring a rain jacket just in case, and you’ll need a shotgun, and shells, as well as warm boots. If you don’t have any of these things, just contact us beforehand. For shells: if you don’t know what you need, contact us and we can help you find the exact shells for the best experience.

Think of it like a hotel! We’ll have fresh bedding and shampoo, etc. waiting on you. For anything specific you need, contact us before hand and we’ll make sure we have it.

All meals are provided. For anything specific, ask us ahead of time and we’ll pick it up for you. Bring any alcoholic beverages with you, or you can go to the store about 10 minutes away.